Today was no where as eventful as yesterday, however I still found myself not being able to get to what was on the top of my to do list. The morning started nice and quiet with the exception of trying to find someone to fill in for a sick cook. I had to shift people around because our Chef is sick as well. So after discussing with him what he would like to do with his staff, I found a server who could fill in as a dishwasher and had our dis washer serve our supper meal tonight. Well just when I thought I had it all settled, I got a call from one of my part-time servers who was now sick as well. Well got the server covered and all is well with the world! Well that is not quite so, that steady stream of residents, professional resources and others stilled seamed to stream in and out of the office needing assistance with a variety of stuff! Got news one of our residents is not doing well and another is close to the end of this life as we know it. Well lunch is ahead at this point and all goes well – time to go back to the office and hit that stack of items that needs to be completed. Once again that steady stream starts again. Deal with a few minor issues, yes got something accomplished. Oh, an e-mail we have been waiting on gets in,  hopefully the content of this e-mail will encourage someone to realize that their are consequences to their actions. Gee where did the afternoon go, it is time for supper. The meal service goes well and had some good conversation with some residents that I had not had the opportunity to sit and talk with. Back to the office to get to that stack again, it is time for performance review for the staff and with 19 hourly employees, 3 managers to complete we must get some of this accomplished. Being of the mind-set that the management team needs to do these as a whole we sit down with our co managers and start working on them. This is never a task that is enjoyable and as usual the four of us were able to find the humor as we diligently went through the majority of the hourly employees. Wow it is 10:30 pm and I still need to clean my desk off and file things away before I can go in for the night. 11:45 PM ends my day once again! See every day is not filled with drama, but every day brings its own set of challenges, even if it is just the constant interruptions.

But at the end of the day I have to reflect on the good conversations, the residents that have said thank you for the taking the time to talk to me and listen to my concerns. These are the things that keep us going and lift us up when we don’t think we can stay up and get it all done.